Alzheimer's Support Network


In Memory of

Thomas Alexander Earing, Sr.

Born April 3, 1925 in Brooklyn, NY

Died February 8, 2013 in Naples, Florida

Tom is survived by his wife of 30 years, Peg (Margaret Ann Morris), by two children, three step sons and three grandchildren. Tom served in the Navy during WWII and graduated from Rutgers University upon his discharge. He worked his way through college in a haberdashery and was always well groomed, stylish and debonair. Tom was an accomplished advertising salesman, winning many awards and still working on straight commission at his retirement. He knew how to get around in all the major US cities and where the best restaurants were.

Tom will be remembered for his wonderful sense of humor, which remained with him to the end. He had a great repertoire of jokes. Just hearing a certain word would trigger his recall of a joke, and he would say “that reminds me of a story.” Many of us were already laughing in anticipation before he even told the joke.



Tom loved golf and was an accomplished golfer. He traveled to Scotland and Ireland, playing the famous courses with his golfing buddies. What fun they had. And, Tom was a peachy dancer. He knew all the big band music, and would say “I’ll give you $50 if you know the title to this song.” He did and you usually didn’t. Tom and Peg attended concerts, symphonies and plays in NY, Philadelphia and Naples and at the famous Valley Forge Music Fair, where the stage rotated in the center of 360º of seats!

Tom and Peg took many wonderful trips to Europe and around the US. Approaching life with his motto “Be Kind and Have Fun,” and being one of the very few true gentlemen in this world, people loved Tom wherever he went.

A family celebration of life service will be scheduled at a future date, allowing for family travel arrangements. Tom can be remembered with contributions to The Alzheimer's Support Network. Their support was instrumental in guiding Tom’s quality of life while he resided in Naples.


Tom would have loved this version of Sing, Sing, Sing: