Alzheimer's Support Network

2014  Education Events:  Speaker Meetings and Workshops

    DATE                                         TOPIC                                         SPEAKER , FACEP

Jan    7, 2014                   Role of a Neurologist in the Diagnosis of AD               Dr. William Justiz, MD               

Feb  18, 2014                   
Obama Care the Emergency Department                    Emogene Bedrosian, MD

Feb  26, 2014                   Rescue Dogs  / Finding Wanderers                              Michelle Delaney 

Mar   4, 2014                    Author of the 36 Hour Day                                            Peter Rabins, MD

Mar  18, 2014                   Daycare - How to get someone to go                           Helen Waite, Luanne Wahlstrom

Mar   20, 2014                  Placement Workshop - Part 1: Blockages                    Loren Whipple, Support Network Staff

Mar   27, 2014                  Placement Workshop - Part 2:  Why do it?                   Loren Whipple, Support Network Staff

Apr   1,  2014                  Changes to the Healthcare System and NCH                Allen Weiss, MD

Apr   15, 2014                Alzheimer's Disease Progression and Behaviors           Norma Trabanco

May   6, 2014                  Role of a Medical Director                                            Michael Gloth, MD

May  20, 2014                Complications in Late Stage Dementia                           Laura Steele, RN

May  29, 2014                End of Life Planning                                                        Michael Whyte, Glenn Witzenburg

Jun    4, 2014               Medicaid, Elder Helpline, and State Assistance                Meredith McBride, Gail Holton

Jun   17, 2014               Role of a Director of Memory Care                                   Martha Lawrence

July 15, 2014                  Driving Evaluations  (not posted yet)                              Steve  Emerson

July   24, 2014                Emergency Planning - Special Need Shelters                 Patti Clemens

Aug  5, 2014                   Hospital Wristbands,                   Gary LeBlanc

Aug 19, 2014                 Observation vs. Inpatient Hospital Status                        Dexter Patton

Sep 25, 2014            Memory Testing - Mini-Mental State Exam Explained           Angel Duncan

Oct 21, 2014                  VA Benefits - Aid and Attendance and more                  Dan Burzynski

Oct 30, 2014              Choosing a Medicaid Part D Prescription Drug Plan            Hallie Devlin

Dec 16, 2014              Acceptance - Caregiver Acceptance of the Disease        Keith Foster, PhD



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Monthly Speaker Meetings are held at First Presbyterian Chuch of Naples

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