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Date Added
                 Title / Subject of Article                          Author / Source

Mar 18:                                              Music Lights up the Brain for Longtime Musician with Alzheimer's                                 Chicago Tribune

Mar 15:                                                                What to do When a Loved One Dies                                                                Jill Burzynski

                                                                      5 Items to Bring to Someone with Dementia                                                            Maria Shriver

                                                                                      Is Dementia Contagious?                                                                         Gary LeBlanc
Mar 3:
                              Two More NFL Players Announce Brain Donation                                Fox News

                                                                              Neuropsychological Evaluation                                                                     Bill Beckwith, PhD

Feb 4                                                      Dementia linked to common over-the-counter drugs                                                       BBC News
                                                                                     Drugs and Dementia                                                                           Sandra Steingard, MD     

Jan 31                                                            Dink Beer Ward off Alzheimer's: study                                                                    NY Daily News

Jan 23                                                     Aricept subject of New Health Canada Warnings                                                            CBC Canada