Alzheimer's Support Network

Note to Logo Designers:

This has most of the basic elements we are looking for but combined in a much better way.   That's why we need your help.

This type of Knight is what we are looking for.     Would like to have a Purple Tie that looks good and not cartoon like.

On the Shield we want the words:   "Fighting for:   Understanding, Respect & Dignity     Caring, Compassion & Love"

Somewhere in the Logo want    "NAPLES KNIGHTS"  and maybe   "NAPLES UNITES"  

The red color can be replaced by Purple?  If that looks good.   Don't need the round red background.

Also want to include the flowers below in an artful way.

Magnolia - incorporated somehow.  Maybe tied into the sword somehow.

Elderflower - Maybe as if on Lapel.                                        Cattail -  Maybe replacing the sword or wrapped around it

If all of the above can be combined to have a net effect that is like the US seal, that would be just what we are looking for.
Not using any element of the US seal, but looking polished and "Official" would be the overall goal.

Thank you for you help!