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Tam Cummings - Understanding Dementia:  Tam takes us through the difference types of dementia, and how they do damage in the brain. This talk contains good clinical and practical knowledge.

Teepa Snow - Making Visits Count:    In this talk Teepa discuss what family members should do and should not do when visiting their loved ones in a facility.  She covers allot more than this, however.  Teepa discusses how to approach a person with dementia, the importance of personal space, and demonstrates the hand-over-hand techniques.  These are practical skills that will serve you for your entire career.

Teepa will bet speaking to our group  May 21st 10 AM to Noon.  At First Presbyterian Church: 250 Sixth Street South, Naples Fl.    You are invited, please come hear this world class dementia trainer.

LuAnne  Wahlstrom:  Personal Care - Head to Toe:   LuAnne is the director of Care Club a local day care facility for dementia.  In this talk she details how keep a dementia patient clean and healthy from Head to Toe.


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