Alzheimer's Support Network


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Chad Washburn of the Naples Botanical Garden invited the Alzheimer’s Support Network to join him in traveling to Coral Gables to experience the interactive Alzheimer’s tour of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.  Fairchild’s Alzheimer’s tour is completely run by volunteers.  They use trams to navigate their picturesque garden, eliminating the need for walking the great distances involved.  Our guides, Bob and Carl (who recently lost his wife to Alzheimer's) are themselves volunteers.  Their knowledge of the garden,  and all its component elements, and their compassion towards not only the Alzheimer’s patients but as well their caregivers was all on ample display. 

We, at the Alzheimer’s Support Network, look forward to working with the Naples Botanical Garden to aiding them in bringing a similar program to our area.  We would like to thank Fairchild Garden, the Naples Botanical Garden, and especially Chad Washburn for this opportunity.   

Below you will see some video segments of the tour.

Part 1: Start of Tour and Butterflies

Part 2:  AD Tour

Part 3:  African Art

Part 4: African Art