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October 18th 2011:   DRIVING EVALUATIONS:

From Lee Memorial Health Systems:
Driving Rehabilitation Program

Mark McKenzie OTR/L  Program Coordinator


Lee Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness
2070 Carrell Road Ft Myers, Fl 33901
(239) 418-2000   Website   

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Overview of Lee Memorial's Testing Process

Stephen Emerson - Private Driving Evaluator

Stephen Emerson has been a State Police Officer for 32 years. 
  He is the State wide coordinator of the DARE Program.  
He also works part time as an private driving evaluator.

Insurance Coverage, Cost of Testing, The View of the Tester

                         Is testing covered by Insurance: No.  Neither by Health nor Auto insurance.

                        Cost: Lee Memorial: $145 per hour, up to 3.5 hours (first cognitive testing, then road testing)

                        Steve Emerson: $200 for up to 2 hours (just the road test / no cognitive testing)

The Aftermath of taking the License Away