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Bill Beckwith, PhD   Placement in a Facility  (Jan 3rd, 2012)

Placement - Part 1

Placement - Part 2

Placement - Part 3:  Signs of Caregiver Stress

Placed Too Ealry

The Phases of Care and How they instruct the issue of Placement



Stage 1:  Senior Moments / Normal Aging

Stage 2:  Forgetfulness

Stil functioning.  Memory loss is hard to discern.
  Self-awareness of a problem.  Others likely will not notice.

Stage 3:  Early Confusional State

No serious problems.  Taking longer to think.  Stil functioning well.

Stage 4: Late Confusional Stae

Problems with the checkbook.  Deficits picked up on memory screenings. 
Not classified as dementia yet.

Stage 5: Early Dementia

Failing to remember one's location in place and time. Can last 5 years or more. 
Usually not ready for placement, but likely unable to live alone. 
Speech starting to be affected.  Poor concentration and judgement. 
Delusional thinking.  Personality changes.

Stage 6:  Middle Dementia

Language is breaking down.  More hands-on care needed. 
Placement is common at this stage.

Stage 7:  Late Stage

Most people do not live to this state. 
Hospice is extremely helpful at this point.