Alzheimer's Support Network

Alzheimer’s From a Patient’s Perspective

Live Panel Discussion with Our Members

Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to have Alzheimer’s disease? Who better to tell you what it feels like than the person who has Alzheimer’s? These brave members of the Alzheimer’s Support Network family will explain what frustrates them, what makes them angry, what makes life easier and other concerns they have as they deal with this disease. The panel will be taking your questions as well.

Participants: Frank Shimamoto, Dr. David Kramer, Dr. Jack Tracey, John Foley ,and Pat. 

We thank each of these brave souls for speaking opening and honestly about what they are experiencing. 


Part 1: Introductions & Opening Statements

 Part 2: Importance of Caregivers, Terms of Respect,  & Self-Awareness 

Part 3: Accepting Help & Driving

Part 4: Medications

More of this discussion to come

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